Some background reading to get you off on the right foot…


The Ergo Manifesto

Whether you’re a developer or not, your first stop is the Manifesto. The Ergo Manifesto is intended to educate and offer a vision of what blockchain technology can achieve. We hope to build society through a form of horizontal cooperation through production under the division of labor, trade and exchange, and solidarity and mutual aid.

Ergo: The Future of Smart Money is here

Ergo is the inevitable next step in the evolution of Proof of Work blockchain technology, designed for creating and implementing powerful, efficient and highly secure financial contracts.

Ergo: Decentralised Applications Framework

There are a tremendous amount of use-cases available to Ergo developers. So far several dApps such as ErgoMixer, SigmaUSD, Ergo Auctions, Raffle, ErgoDex (and more) are deployed and live on the main-net.


If you were unfortunate enough to miss ERGOHACK I, catch up on what happened here. It was small and experimental as planned, but got some great submissions. Kushti kicked off the day with his opening video and then we had six teams in total, two of which continued development after the Hackathon.


The Ergo Protocol

This repository contains the reference implementation of the Ergo Platform protocol.

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WP: ErgoScript, a Cryptocurrency Scripting Language Supporting Noninteractive Zero-Knowledge Proofs

This paper describes ErgoScript, a powerful and protocol-friendly scripting language for cryptocurrencies. Programs in ErgoScript are used to specify the conditions under which currency can be spent. The language supports a type of non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs called Σ-protocols and is flexible enough to allow for ring-signatures, multisignatures, multiple currencies, atomic swaps, self-replicating scripts, and long-term computation.

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Learning Ergo 101 : eUTXO explained for human beings

This article by a community member gives a great introduction to the eUTXO model and its differences from Ethereum.

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Ergo Improvement Protocols (EIPs)

Ergo Improvement Proposals (EIPs) specify and/or describe standards for the Ergo Platform, including core protocol specifications, client APIs, dApp/contract standards, and any items relating to the core protocol.

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Check out this forum thread of ‘dailyergofacts’ to give insight into some of the unique features of Ergo. The Applications section on ErgoDocs covers many of the potential use cases possible.



A curated list of resources relating to Ergo from across the web.

Grow Ergo

Let’s create true grassroots finance! This repository is updated with all the latest bounties, jobs an other opportunities to help grow Ergo.

Let’s build something great together.