Ergo’s Ecosystem

Dive into Ergo’s ecosystem

This page covers existing dApps on Ergo that are live or in development. (As well as a few contracts stashed away on the ergoforums waiting for their day in the sun)

Intro Articles

Ergo: Decentralised Applications Framework

Ergo offers a lot of use cases. During the first phase of development, lots of implementations have been explored with Ergo Contracts (ErgoScript / ErgoTree) with no off-chain parts or UI developed. After the launch of the SigUSD stablecoin, Ergo NFT Auctionhouse, Oracle Pools and soon ErgoDEX, we would like to share the possibilities of Ergo with you. 

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AgeUSD (SigmaUSD / Djed)

The first UTxO-based stable coin – an instantiation of the AgeUSD protocol. Its economic model designed in partnership between IOHK, Ergo, and Emurgo maintains the conservative settings for collateral reserves and avoids the need for liquidations. Along with that, it supports a fully decentralised stable coin emission setup.

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The backend of the implementation of AgeUSD (rebranded as Djed)

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Buy and sell collectable tokens and more

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The aim of this post is to provide another approach for having and working with threshold signatures like 3-of-5 or any other using the assembler service!

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ErgoFund is a crowdfunding platform on ergo currently in development.

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A raffle is a crowdfunding service that aims to enable anyone to raise enough money needed for a project. The project can be a direct donation to a charity, an academic or business plan, or anything else the creator can convince people to part with their hard-earned ERG for. (

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Ergolabs Github

All repositories for ErgoDex can be found on their Github repository.

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ErgoDex SDK

Standard Development Kit including the ErgoDEX protocol data model, transaction assemblers and API wrappers for pulling wallet history.

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INspiration 💡

Bonds based on Ergo (or the “Yield protocol”)

The following idea is motivated by the paper “The Yield Protocol: On-Chain Lending With Interest Rate Discovery” which uses the Ethereum model. The same thing can be implemented in Ergo in a possibly easier way.

(E)mail Client for Limited or Blocked Internet

People have the right to store their value available, whether the value is under threat from monetary policies, political instability, or war. Happily, with digital communications and digital gold, this problem could be solved.

An ICO Example On Top Of Ergo

This article describes a full-featured ICO (Initial Coin Offering) implemented in ErgoScript. The example covers several important and novel features of the Ergo Platform and shows how it can support complex contracts with a tiny amount of code.

Interest-Free Loan Contract

While borrowing in fiat using a cryptocurrency for collateral is not a new thing and there are services for that, I am going to show a new scheme for that. Also in our example, the loan will be interest-free.

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ErgoLend Documentation

Documentation starting to come together from this ERGOHACK already!

MyBinder example

Simple example of querying wallet from Jupyter Notebook

AuctionHouse V2 Contracts

Sneak peak at the proposed contracts for the new Ergo AuctionHouse

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