Ergo Hackathons have become a principal and defining feature of the community over the last year. In just a short amount of time, Ergohacks have helped build tools and dApps that are now key pieces of infrastructure in the Ergo ecosystem. Though these events started out as competitions, one of the greatest outcomes has been the retention and expansion of community developers actively working to build DeFi on Ergo. 

For the next Ergohack, we are pleased to present a new format that will see the event take place over a 21 day period. The schedule for this hackathon will have the first week focus on development, followed by a two week window where participants will make improvements and build prototypes. As has been in the past, the competition will welcome solo and team participants (of up to 6 people in the group) to the Ergo Discord Server. There, participants can chat with mentors and find other possible teammates (if they are looking for additional members). 

Hackathon participants will be free to pursue and build projects that span a variety of DeFi use cases. Utilizing DeFi’s composable building blocks, developers can enjoy the ability to tap into their creativity and build entirely new financial services. If you are looking for suggestions, our judges have prepared some suggestions for products that could be built on Ergo. However, there are no limits and participants are encouraged to submit ideas that explore their inspirations.

Are you ready to build the future of blockchain?

“Financial privacy is of deep and abiding importance to freedom, and many governments have shown themselves willing to abuse private financial information.”

Ergo Manifesto

Prize Pool

In Partnership with
  • First place: 10,000 SigUSD + 100,000 $ERGOPAD
  • Second place: 6,000 SigUSD + 50,000 $ERGOPAD
  • Third place: 2,000 SigUSD + 30,000 $ERGOPAD

Additional prizes include several honorable mentions worth 200 SigUSD and 100 ERGOPAD


  • A chance to win a crypto prize
  • Get a job interview in the fastest-growing ecosystem
  • Take part in large-scale projects that will change the market
  • Find like-minded people to create a project team, feel like a real entrepreneur, regardless of age, education, and location
  • Get assistance and guidance from experts
  • Upgrade your skills and acquire new knowledge


  • May 9

    Start joining the ErgoHack Discord server

  • May 9 – 15

    Independent team preparation, including brainstorming for team proposals

  • May 16 – 29

    Start prototyping

  • May 30

    Submit your solutions and have the opportunity to get your prize!

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