Welcome to ErgoHack III! Ergo’s hackathons have become an incredibly important and identifying feature of the blockchain after two highly successful events in the last six months. Numerous tools and projects have been born out of the previous two ErgoHacks with the number of community developers continuing to grow after each subsequent hackathon.

At the heart of Ergo’s inspiration is the desire to help create a monetary system that focuses on the average person, especially those who are at a financial disadvantage in our societies. Tantamount to pursuing this goal is the need to develop functional security and privacy dApps that complement existing tools and projects on Ergo.

“Financial privacy is of deep and abiding importance to freedom, and many governments have shown themselves willing to abuse private financial information.”

Ergo Manifesto

Blockchain offers a new world where decentralized platforms have the potential to decrease bad actors from attempting to misuse and/or steal your personal information. Ergo has already developed important privacy tools such as the ErgoMixer – the first non-interactive, non-custodial mixer in the blockchain industry. Ergo also offers a unique offline cold wallet generator, the Ergo Paper Wallet. This tool allows a user to create a wallet that is completely offline and tamper-resistant.

These important tools are just the beginning of what is possible on the Ergo Platform. With its native Sigma Protocols and implementation of NIPoPoW’s, Ergo provides an impressive array of features that enable developers to create robust and powerful dApps. With ERGOHACK III, we invite all developers, and those who are passionate about DeFi, to join us in designing and building applications that prioritize future security and privacy features on the Ergo blockchain.

Prize Pool

  • First place: 10,000 SigUSD + a job interview!
  • Second place: 6,000 SigUSD
  • Third place: 2,000 SigUSD

Additional prizes include several honorable mentions worth 200 SigUSD


  • A chance to win a crypto prize (the prize pool is 18K SigUSD)
  • Get a job interview in the fastest growing ecosystem
  • Take part in large-scale projects that will change the market
  • Find like-minded people to create a project team, feel like a real entrepreneur, regardless of age, education, and location
  • Get assistance and guidance from experts
  • Upgrade your skills and acquire new knowledge


  • January 4

    Start submitting your technical proposal

  • Until January 31

    Independent team preparation, including brainstorming for team proposals

  • January 31

    Submission Deadline

  • February 11- February 13


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