Welcome to ERGOHACK!

ErgoHacks have become a principal and defining feature of the community over the last several years. In just a short amount of time, ErgoHacks have helped build tools and dApps that are now key pieces of infrastructure in the Ergo ecosystem. Though these events started out as competitions, one of the greatest outcomes has been the retention and expansion of community developers actively working to build DeFi on Ergo.

Ergo’s next hackathon, ErgoHack VII, will explore The Future of Finance and the Path to Adoption. With the recent release of Captain Nemo’s SDK, Spectrum Finance’s Cardano AMM, and the imminent launch of Rosen Bridge and Paideia’s DAO software suite, Ergo is well positioned to lead the industry with new and secure financial products that have the potential to disturb the industry. Coupled with emerging technologies such as AI, there is an opportunity to create and develop tools on Ergo that can disrupt and revolutionize the internet and blockchain industry.

The event will take place from October 13-15, 2023. During ErgoHack VII, participants will plan, design, and workshop their proposals while enjoying mentorship workshops from industry experts in blockchain, AI, finance, and project development. Similar to previous ErgoHacks, we welcome both solo and team participants (of up to 6 people in the group) to the Ergo Discord Server. There, participants can chat with several ErgoHack mentors as well as find other possible teammates.

Hackathon participants will be free to pursue and build projects that span a variety of DeFi use cases, but they are highly encouraged to pursue dApps and tools that explore financial products and the adoption of the Ergo blockchain.

Are you ready to build the future of blockchain?

“Financial privacy is of deep and abiding importance to freedom, and many governments have shown themselves willing to abuse private financial information.”

Ergo Manifesto

Prize Pool:

  • 1st: 9K SigUSD
  • 2nd: 5K SigUSD
  • 3rd: 4K SigUSD

Special Prizes for the ErgoHack Sponsored by EF / Raffle


  • Emporas donates 10 gift cards worth 20 SigUSD each.


  • A chance to win some cash!
  • Take part in large-scale projects that will change the market.
  • Find like-minded people to help build a prototype of a new product or startup idea.
  • Get assistance and guidance from experts.
  • Upgrade your skills and acquire new knowledge.
  • Network with other professionals in the field.
  • To have fun!


  • Day 1

    Welcome address and introduction to the hackathon theme.

  • Day 2

    Full-day project development with periodic check-ins.

  • Day 3

    Continued project development, focusing on finalizing presentations and demos.

  • Day 4

    Submission deadline for presentations.

  • Day 6-10

    Start of the judging process. Project showcase: Each team presents their solution in a video format for upcoming Ergo Summit.

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