After the incredible success of our first Hackathon, we are excited to announce ERGOHACK II. At the heart of Ergo’s inspiration is the desire to help create a monetary system that empowers the average person, especially those who are at a financial disadvantage in our societies.

“It is all too often those at the bottom who suffer in separation from those at the top, who initiate the suffering. This cycle of economic abuse needs to be broken.”

Ergo Manifesto

In just a couple of years, Ergo has developed a robust blockchain that is reshaping the future of decentralized finance. With its native Σ-protocols and the implementation of NIPoPow’s, Ergo is positioning itself as a leader in the development of dApps that prioritize financial privacy and security. With ERGOHACK II, we invite all developers, and those who are passionate about DeFi, to join us in designing the applications that will build a better financial future for the world.

Prize Pool

  • First place: 5,000 SigUSD + a job interview!
  • Second place: 2,500 SigUSD
  • Third place: 1,000 SigUSD

Additional prizes will include 100 SigUSD for all presenters.


  • A chance to win a crypto prize (the prize pool is 9K SigUSD)
  • Get a job interview in the fastest growing ecosystem
  • Take part in large-scale projects that will change the market
  • Find like-minded people to create a project team, feel like a real entrepreneur, regardless of age and education
  • Get assistance and guidance from experts
  • Upgrade your skills and acquire new knowledge


  • September 15

    Application Deadline

  • September 16-26

    Team preparation, including brainstorming for team proposals

  • September 27 – October 10

    Ergo Education Program: consultation sessions with leading Ergo developers

  • October 8-10


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