What’s Inside the Ergo Hackathon?

Cryptocurrency specialists and developers, as well as cryptography enthusiasts of all ages are invited to join us for ErgoHack V!

Cryptocurrency specialists and developers, as well as cryptography enthusiasts of all ages are invited to join us for ErgoHack V.

Regardless of your training and/or specialty in crypto, we want to hear from you! The most important thing is that you have an active interest in blockchain technologies.

Hosted by the Ergo Foundation, ErgoHack V encourages teams to develop solutions for the mass adoption of blockchain technologies as they relate to financial privacy and security. The projects developed during ErgoHack V will have the opportunity to then be implemented within the expanding Ergo ecosystem.

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to learn and share the knowledge of our leading blockchain experts through Ask-Me-Anythings and discord channels. Our ErgoHack V team will strive to encourage you and to help you further your skills and abilities as crypto developers. Outside of scheduled ErgoHack V events, our educational materials are openly accessible on the Resources page for you to learn more about UTXO based Multi-Stage contracts.

As you prepare for ErgoHack V, we also advise you to explore the resources on ErgoDocs.

Solo participants or teams of two to five people are allowed to participate in ErgoHack V. If you are interested but do not yet have a team, there is an “i-need-a-team” and “Idea-incubator” chatroom in discord that can assist you: https://discord.gg/VkEtJEP5gA 

Suggested Participant Prerequisites

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • C++
  • Rust
  • Scala
  • ErgoScript
  • Kotlin
  • Java

Getting Started with ErgoScript

Suggested Ideas for ErgoHack V

  • Djed & SigmaUSD (Check the Djed Ergo Summit Presentation)
    • Core Parameters: Dynamic & stability fees; RC sale limits; Different pegs
    • Functionality: Reserve investing, lending, & staking; Debt-to-equity swaps; Protocol-controlled equity
    • Operation: Auctions for RC purchases; Delayed & locked settlement; Zero-governance autonomous deployments
  • Improvements for Ergo
    • Ledger standards
    • Feature contracts
    • Node customization
    • SigmaRust extensions
    • Development toolkits & libraries
  • Creating infrastructure
    • Sidechain constructions
    • Interoperability solutions (I.e., bridges & wrapped tokens)
    • Oracle implementations
    • Decentralised Exchanges
  • Decentralised FinanceProtocols
    • Asset Under Management
    • On-chain insurance
    • Escrow transfers
    • Liquidity provisioning
  • NFT and Web3 builders
    • Website integration capabilities
    • NFT services
    • Web resources
  • Flux Specialization
    • Utilize Flux’s decentralized cloud for all dApp client/server hosting