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Dive into Ergo Development

This page covers the best entry points for any developer looking to get set up for building on Ergo.

Getting setup

Appkit: A Library for Polyglot Development of Ergo Applications

Using Appkit Ergo applications can be written in one of the languages supported by GraalVM (i.e. Java, JavaScript, C/C++, Python, Ruby, R) and using this library applications can communicate with Ergo nodes via unified API and programming model provided by Appkit.
(See ‘Tutorial starting with Appkit on Gradle projects’ below for your best starting point into dApp development from JVM)

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sigma-rust is an alternative and simple implementation of ErgoTree interpreter and transaction building tools. The goal for the Rust version is to be on par with Scala version feature-wise. Now Rust version is still significantly behind. Also the goal for the Rust version is to have bindings for web, iOS and Android. The Scala version will continue to be the primary choice for JVM ecosystem with Rust version covering the rest.

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Templates & TUTORIALS 📚

Javascript/Typescript Template

A JS template for Ergo dApp development. This is the best starting point for a front-end developer. There is also a Typescript library available.

Setting up a full node

This tutorial explains how to install and run a full Ergo node.

Tutorial starting with Appkit on Gradle projects

This tutorial is the best starting point for anyone wanting to sink their teeth into back-end dApp development.

AppKit by Example

Video on Interacting with the Ergo blockchain using AppKit

Python 🐍

Ergo Notary

Ergo Notary for certifying files on the Ergo blockchain

Ergo Oracle

An oracle posting ERG/USD price on the Ergo blockchain


Utils for Ergo projects.

More Python Tools

ergo-numerals, ergo-lets, and price feeds and even a Scripts for working with Trustless LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) are available on Sininen Taivas’ GitHub.


Ergo Utilities

General utilities to make writing off-chain Ergo code in Rust simpler

Ergo Notary

A simple command-line tool to certificate files on the Ergo blockchain.


Using the testnet

Quick guide to get you up and running on the test net.

Testnet Faucet

Let’s build something great together.